Why Join Us?

It is said that no man is an island. Well, that goes with more truth in every business, of any size and any field or specialty. A business owner can venture and take this great undertaking alone, but when you are provided with opportunities to reach more of your target audience, all the better for you.

Joining the chamber allows your business the following advantages:

  • Help your businesses prosper and grow.
  • Contribute to the overall economic stability of the community.
  • Branding. Positive brand perception is essential, and the Chamber helps members set the stage.
  • Bring in job opportunities to “qualified” members in the community.
  • Visibility. The Chamber coordinates numerous events, networking and programs every year—each an opportunity for members to expand their visibility.
  • Advertising. A very cost effective way to advertise your business, and contribute to a good cause at the same time.
  • Credibility. Members can volunteer for speaking engagements to share their expertise and elevate their credibility. As a member in good standing, you also show credibility as a business person.
  • Profitability When a business’s visibility and credibility rise, so does its profitability. Consumers trust businesses that are involved in—and care about—the community.
  • Learning & Development. Members enjoy exclusive opportunities to engage with the FACCSLAA committees and take office in the Board.
  • On the National level, promote the nation’s private enterprise system of competitive marketing.
  • Most importantly, expose the talent, skills, exceptional industry, extraordinary ability andbusiness prowess of a Filipino.

Member Benefits

When you join our Chamber, you’ll enjoy unlimited access for you and your employees to attend and participate in all committee meetings and networking events, thus providing opportunities for professional development and relationship building, which has never been more important for thriving businesses.

The Chamber develops partnerships and initiatives to provide members with exclusive savings that go beyond the office with our Discount Member Card Program.

Another significant benefit you as a member will have is a bigger voice only a collaboration of a number of business entities can have. Being a Filipino American, we are still considered a minority. In numbers, our voices can be heard- with better clarity.


Membership Level

Individual Lifetime Membership

  • Individual
  • Lifetime Membership
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1 year-No Discount Card

  • $10-Student
  • $50-Individual
  • $75-Non-Profit
  • $100-Small Business
    (Less than 25 employees)
  • $150-Corporation
    (one representative)
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2 years with Discount Card

  • $20-Student
  • $100-Individual
  • $150-Non-Profit
  • $200-Small Business
    (more than 25 employees)
  • $300-Corporation
    (two representatives)
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